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Sant Cugat del Vallès

Sant Cugat del Vallès is now a young, modern city that has also been able to preserve the traditional spirit of that agricultural, summer holiday village of not long ago.

The challenge of this green, innovative city is that of continuing to advance according to a model based on social, economic and environmental sustainability. Located at the foot of the Collserola mountain range and in one of the country’s economic axes, a place for one to live, study and work in.

With nearly 90,000 inhabitants, the population of Sant Cugat is one of the youngest and most qualified in Catalonia. A city of children, land of artists, campus of universities, place for research and location of companies and multinationals, it is also a welcoming and diverse, city, with a rich associative network.


Sant Cugat is unquestionably a city for business, a city that favours knowledge and innovation. With a business park of 3,100 companies, it generates a job offer of more than 62,000 work posts.

Golf and sports

Sant Cugat has been chosen a European City of Sport 2018, which will allow the city to harbour the organisation of more than 200 championships and sports events. It has numerous sports facilities and two exclusive Golf courses.


The climate in Sant Cugat is gentle, and usually warm and mild. It is a city with significant rainfalls. Even in the driest month, there is a lot of rain. The average annual temperature is of 16.1 ° C. The rainfall is of 596 mm per year.


Sant Cugat combines the richness of the historical heritage with a wide gamut of gastronomic and cultural activities. It has a cultural offer in its spaces and facilities: Theatre-Auditorium, cinemas, museums, exhibition halls...