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Madrid stands as one of the cities all over the world where people live best and it lies among the top 20 of the Mapping the World’s Prices 2017 ranking, elaborated by the economists of the Deutsche Bank.

Madrid is the capital of Spain, as well as the Spanish city that attracts the most visitors. With over 8 million visitors in 2015, it is among the most popular and, at the same time, exclusive cities in Europe.

As is to be expected, it is certainly a city of significant, impressive monuments, among whose virtues one finds a most idiosyncratic historical centre, constructed at the time the Habsburg dynasty reigned in Spain, hence the name of “The Madrid of the Austrias,” and of course, the Prado Museum, one of the most important and prestigious picture galleries in the world.

Monuments and architecture

Madrid offers innumerable places for visiting and corners for getting lost in: Puerta del sol, Plaza Mayor, Gran Vía... and numerous parks and gardens where to enjoy the exclusive quality of life of the Spanish capital: The Retiro Park, the Botanical Garden or the Casa de Campo.


Madrid is home to the offices of many national and international companies. The capital city has thus become established as the fashionable city for business. More companies, along with their managers, have been arriving, which has caused the purchase of luxury flats in the city to soar.


Madrid’s climate is continental Mediterranean and it is highly determined by urban conditions. There is a small microclimate in the centre of Madrid that minimises extreme temperatures, whereas in the outskirts intraday variations are always greater.

Leisure and culture

Madrid has museums of worldwide renown such as the Prado and the Reina Sofía. This capital city also contains highly animated areas and some of the best discos in Spain, as well as a wide offer of musicals. The Gran Vía is also known as the Madrilenian Broadway.